Do You Wear Underwear With a Bodysuit

Do You Wear Underwear With a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits are a popular one-piece garment that provide a sleek, smooth look. With their snap bottom closure, bodysuits stay neatly tucked in and don’t ride up. Their versatility and ability to flatter different body types make bodysuits a staple in many women’s closets. But one question lingers – do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?

Factors To Consider

When deciding on underwear with a bodysuit, there are several factors to consider:

Bodysuit Fabric

The fabric of your bodysuit plays a role in choosing underwear. Cotton bodysuits tend to be more breathable, while lace, silk, or polyester varieties can be irritating against bare skin. In these cases, underwear provides a protective barrier.

Bodysuit Coverage

The amount of coverage in the bodysuit crotch also affects the underwear decision. A thong bodysuit leaves little to the imagination, so panties are unnecessary. But a full bottom bodysuit offers more modest coverage and underwear can supplement that.

Comfort Level

Your personal comfort is key. Some women dislike visible panty lines and prefer to go commando in tighter bodysuits. Others need the security of underwear. Find what makes you most comfortable.

Visible Panty Lines

For form-fitting bodysuits, visible underwear lines can detract from the smooth look. Thongs, seamless styles and nude-to-you shades help diminish VPL.

Going Commando Pros and Cons

Not wearing underwear can feel freeing and avoid lines. But it can also bring risks like discharge stains and showing more than you intend if fabric becomes transparent.

When to Wear Underwear With a Bodysuit

Certain situations call for underwear with your bodysuit:

Irritating Bodysuit Materials

Lace, silk or cheap polyester bodysuits can chafe without a panty barrier. Underwear prevents irritation.

Extra Warmth and Coverage

In cold weather, underwear adds an extra layer of insulation under a bodysuit. It also minimizes exposure if your bodysuit rides up.

Built-in Panty Liner

Some bodysuits have a thin attached panty liner. Underwear gives you backup protection.

Breathable Cotton Bodysuit

A soft cotton bodysuit lets airflow circulate down below. Matching cotton underwear keeps you comfortable.

Avoiding Visible Lines

With a ultra high-cut thong bodysuit, underwear could peek through at the hips or create VPL. Go commando to avoid lines.

Tight Outfits

If rocking a bodysuit with skinny jeans or a form-fitting dress, seamless undies prevent obvious panty lines.

When You Can Skip Underwear With a Bodysuit

Certain bodysuit styles and situations allow you to comfortably go underwear-free:

Thong Bodysuit

A bodysuit with a thong back leaves little need for panties. Just beware of discharge potential.

Sheer or Mesh Bodysuit

More daring sheer or mesh bodysuits showcase your assets, so panties underneath would take away the effect.

Cotton Bodysuit

If your bodysuit fabric is soft, breathable cotton, you can likely go commando comfortably.

Matching Your Bodysuit and Underwear

When wearing underwear with a bodysuit, choose styles and colors that complement each other:

Minimize Panty Lines

Thongs, seamless briefs, boyshorts or bikinis in nude-to-you shades help minimize visible underwear lines.

Cotton Fabrics

Lightweight cotton underwear pairs well with cotton bodysuits for maximum breathability.

Color Coordination

Selecting underwear in a similar color family as your bodysuit helps them blend together seamlessly under clothing.

Rise and Cut

Low rise underwear or bikini cuts pair best with a standard hipster bodysuit, while high rise panties match high cut bodysuits.

Prevent Show-Through

Flesh-toned underwear, nude liners, or microfiber fabrics help keep underwear from showing through thin or light-colored bodysuits.

Bra or No Bra with a Bodysuit?

Underwire bras typically don’t pair well with bodysuits, but some options provide support and coverage:

Bodysuit with Built-In Bra

Many bodysuits have built-in padding or underwire for bust support. If you need extra coverage, try:

  • Strapless bra – Stays hidden under bodysuit straps
  • Bandeau bra – Flattening, tube-style bra
  • Adhesive bra – Stick-on bra when you need subtle lift
  • Camisole – Layer a built-in shelf bra cami under your bodysuit

Braless Bodysuits

Free-hanging bodysuits may require:

  • Pasties – Stick-on nipple covers
  • Bust tape – Lifting and shaping chest tape

Consider your bodysuit’s structure, your breast size, and the outfit before deciding on bras.

Shapewear Bodysuits

Shapewear bodysuits take control to the next level. They:

  • Use firm, compressive fabric to smooth and shape
  • Create the illusion of slimmer waist, tummy, hips
  • Often have thong or full rear coverage
  • Typically worn without underwear to avoid bulges

Popular shapewear brands like Spanx and Skims offer bodysuits to sculpt your figure under dresses, jeans, and more.

Styling Your Bodysuit for Any Occasion

The versatility of bodysuits makes them easy to dress up or down. Try these examples:

Casual Bodysuit Outfits

  • With joggers or sweatpants and denim jacket
  • Paired with relaxed jeans and cardigan
  • Under a flowy skirt with boots

Dressy Bodysuit Looks

  • With a blazer, trousers, and heels for work
  • Date night leather pants and strappy bodysuit
  • Formal midi skirt with lace bodysuit

Layering a kimono or duster coat over your bodysuit adds extra coverage for both casual and formal occasions. Play with different jacket styles and textures.


Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit? The choice depends on your bodysuit fabric, coverage, and what makes you comfortable. Seamless, skin-tone undies or going commando help avoid panty lines. Consider cut, rise and coordination with your bodysuit style. Shapewear bodysuits smooth your shape without underwear. However you wear them, bodysuits provide a polished, streamlined look perfect for any occasion.

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